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Buy and Sell & Forum Rules and Guidelines
« on: January 04, 2014, 11:24:14 AM »
Dear Fellow PCI Members,

In order to promote simplicity, fairness, and harmony in the process of buying, selling, and trading Members' own personal photographic items with fellow Members here on The Photography Club of India, the following rules and guidelines have been implemented.

Buy and Sell & Forum Rules and Guidelines

1a. Refinement of Rules
This instrument is a living document. These rules, guidelines, and suggestions will be refined as needed to better represent the needs and best interests of the PCI Membership at large. Please check back occasionally, as they may have been updated. For convenience, the most recent changes are indicated with a Blue Bold Title.

1b. For PCI Members Only
The PCI Buy and Sell board is for the benefit of Members of the PCI.  As a Member, one is allowed to sell his/her own personal photography related gear, photo-printers, film scanners, darkroom related equipment, and devices and attachments needed to create images. See rules, clarifications, restrictions, and suggestions listed below.

2a. Photography Related Items Only
Items offered must be firstly and fundamentally photographic in nature. Computers, computer accessories, multifunction gadgets, media players, cellphones, generic devices, and other objects which are not intended primarily for imagemaking are beyond the scope and intent of the PCI Buy and Sell Forum, and are expressly forbidden, except as allowed for in Rule 2b, below.

2b. Allowed Exceptions:
If a multi-use electronic device is found to be an integral component of a camera (e.g. snaps onto, or goes into a camera), AND without which same device the Member's camera would not record/capture files/images, then that device will be permitted in Buy and Sell. Examples include Compact Flash, SDHC, and Micro SD cards, camera brand battery packs and/or the charger for a specific camera. Other multi-use devices may be permitted if they are firstly and fundamentally photographic in their nature. For example, a film scanner or a photo quality printer will be allowed for this reason.  See related rules 15, 17 and 25.

For Sale threads containing disqualified items, even if included in a thread offering some otherwise qualified photo items, are subject to be removed without comment.

3. Indicate Intent in Title.
The title of a thread in the Buy and Sell Forum shall indicate the poster's intent to buy, sell, trade, or reference a link to an external auction. For example, WTB: (want to buy), WTS: (want to sell), WTT: (want to trade), OA: (outside of forum auction like eBay), HELP: (asking a general question), or TIP: or FYI: (sharing a useful tip or info).

4. Indicate Result in Title.
As a courtesy to fellow Members, once a sale is completed or withdrawn, the seller is strongly encouraged to use the Edit/Modify feature to change the title of the ORIGINAL post to indicate the completed status. For example, by adding "SOLD" or "Sale Withdrawn." The seller may also send a PM to any of the Moderators to request that the same thread be locked.

5a. Indicate Products in Title.
The products in Buy and Sell must be briefly indicated in the thread's title. They must be photographic in nature. For example,  WTS: Nikon 50mm F1.8    or    WTB: Pentax K20D

5b. No Delayed or Conditional Future Availability
The product(s) offered must be available in the present, and for a clearly specified price. Exceptions: 1. Threads organizing Members' support for Group Purchase of an item.  2. Sales may end at some specified future time. For example, a sale offer may begin today, but may end within a specified number of days of the seller's choosing. A seller may withdraw his sale offer at any time.

6a. Indicate and Update Price(s) and Available Equipment in Opening Post.
Members selling their photographic equipment MUST indicate the equipment offered and the prices at which they are offered within the opening post. As the thread develops, the opening post must continuously indicate what remains available, and at what prices. This saves time and improves sales opportunity. If this vital information is absent the thread is subject to removal.

6b. Indicate Related Costs in Opening Post
Seller should also indicate whether or not associated costs (like Shipping, Insurance, or Taxes (if applicable)), will be the seller's or the buyer's responsibility.

7. Logical Combination Encouraged
One may sell more than one item by combining them into one listing. For example, WTS: Canon kit and accessories.

8. Photographs of "For Sale" Items Strongly Encouraged.
Wherever possible and practical, please use clear photos to illustrate the product(s) being offered. This increases buyers' interest by reducing buyers' doubts about the integrity of the offer and of the quality of the products. If the seller sees that a product has a clearly visible defect, he/she is required to provide a clear image and description of it to be sure that the limitation is well understood before a deal is struck.

9. Keep Opening Offer Post Simple.
Offers should be simple, limited to an item, or to a small group of logically related items. Offers should not be disjointed or large, like a yard sale, with many different things listed. If necessary, seller should make multiple threads to keep things logical and simple. It is recommended that items within each offer thread be limited to six or less.

10. Be Specific with Trade Offers.
In WTT threads, specifically indicate object(s) offered and wanted in trade in the opening post. Must not be vague, nor should the thread take on qualities of an auction. Auction activity is expressly forbidden.

11. A Suggested Format for Opening Post
The following format is suggested as a convenience to provide a checklist and a common organizational tool for items offered for sale. Just copy and paste it into a new WTS thread. Edit it as needed, and fill it out like a form.

Item for Sale:
Asking Price:
Item Location:
Item Description:
Are you the original owner* of the item being sold?
Do you have the original Bill?
Objects included for item** (caps, strap, lens shade, box, etc.):
Is the Item under warranty?
Are you interested in trading this item?
Item Condition:
Shipping Destinations:
Preferred Shipping Services:
Accepted Payment Types:
Return Policy Applicable/Not Applicable (Terms & Conditions):
Special Note:

* "Original owner" means that the seller bought the object when it was "new" or "as new," and it was not bought having measurable use or as second-handed. A reasonable person would allow that this leaves enough space for a "white box" or "refurbished" unit to be regarded as "new" or "as new" when bought.
** If an item such as a lens or camera body is offered, indicate what objects which normally attach to it are included. For a body, a body lens mount cap and/or strap, for example. For a lens, end caps and lens shade, for example.

12. No Introduction of New Items in Replies
Replies must not be used to introduce different or additional items. Only the "First Post" can be used to list an item or set of items for sale within a thread.

13a. Singular Representation of Items for Sale
Each item listed must appear in only one Buy and Sell thread. Buying and Selling shall only be allowed within the Buy and Sell Forum.

13b. No Sales Advertised in Taglines
Members are not to list items for sale within their signatures or taglines. Taglines shall not be used to advertise any product or any for-profit service. Likewise, taglines shall not refer to links which do this.

14. Multiple Identities Strictly Forbidden on PCI
Multiple identities shall not be used anywhere on PCI. This sows confusion and distrust at the least. Such also provides a mechanism to circumvent these Rules, and for one to avoid taking complete responsibility for transactions within Buy and Sell. If you see such activity, please alert the Moderators. Violators' accounts are subject to locking or removal.

15a. No Commercial Sales Activity
Commercial and pecuniary sales activities are not allowed within any PCI Forum. The PCI Buy and Sell forum is provided for the benefit of its Members only. PCI shall NOT serve as a sales platform for external businesses, nor for promoting personal business, nor for the brokerage for the sale, rent, or trading of anything or of any service. Posts of this sort will be eliminated, and their sources will be blocked from the PCI. 

15b. No Speculative Buying and Selling
Buying equipment from a PCI Member and then reselling it in the PCI Buy & Sell Forum thereafter (for a profit) constitutes a pecuniary business activity. This is strictly forbidden in the PCI Buy & Sell Forum. See Rules 15a and 17.

15c. No Rental Services
Rental of equipment constitutes a profit-motivated business activity. Such is strictly forbidden on PCI. Members may freely borrow and lend equipment amongst themselves, but such activity must not in any case take on the appearance of a profit-motivated business activity. See Rule 15a.

16a. Member Selling Equipment for a Friend.
Any PCI Member in good standing may post an occasional thread to sell for a friend. In so doing, the posting Member shall accept full responsibility for the transaction as if it were his own. He must present his personal integrity in the place of the unknown friend's. He must guarantee the truthfulness and accuracy of the representation of the offered items, the same as if they were his own. He must provide information about the equipment as explained elsewhere in these Rules. He must service the thread as if the equipment were his own. He shall accept the feedback completely as his own, not exporting any responsibility to anyone else. In short, it's really the OP's integrity on the line, whenever he chooses to sell for a friend. Photographs of the items offered in such a thread are STRONGLY recommended to clear doubts about the integrity of the product and the offer itself. See rules 16b, 20, and 29.

16b. No Redirected Sales
Member placing original For Sale post shall not direct sales activity to any external entity. He cannot export seller responsibility to anyone else, nor to anyone outside of PCI. See rules 16a, 19, and 20.

17. No Camera Brokerage Activity
Activity which appears as if a Member is conducting a camera brokerage service, using the PCI as a sales platform for such, or for any other personal business, is strictly forbidden. Any Member engaging in such activity will have his/her posts removed and his/her account blocked. See Rule 15b.

18. No Auctions on PCI
The running of auctions on the PCI is strictly  forbidden.  Posts and threads exhibiting auction-like activity will be removed without comment.

19. Reference to Outside Auction (OA)
A Member may provide a reference link to an outside auction, such as to eBay. This shall be indicated in the thread with "OA: [with product description]" in the title, indicating that the product is available through an outside auction site. If any of the selling prices are omitted within the opening post, such threads will be regarded as "for information only" and will be locked. Auction activity is forbidden on PCI.

20a. Unattended Buy and Sell Threads
For as long as an offer to buy or sell remains in effect, the original poster shall, as a matter of courtesy and in a timely manner, respond to valid product related questions offered by post and by PM. The PCI Buy and Sell Forum shall not be used as an unattended billboard to drive external sales. Threads within the Buy and Sell Forum which are unattended are subject to be locked or removed.

20b. Five Bump Limit
As a courtesy to others also placing threads in Buy and Sell, please limit "bumps to the top" to five per offer thread. If there is insufficient interest, please reconsider the nature of the offer. Threads with six OP bumps (or six consecutive posts from OP) are subject to be locked or removed.

20c. Two Week Moratorium before Re-Listing.

When a thread in Buy and Sell has gone dormant by reason of maxed out bumps and/or reader disinterest, it may be re-listed as a new and different thread after two full weeks of inactivity. The Member placing the new offer is strongly encouraged to reevaluate it in light of the fact that it did not succeed previously.

21a. Report Dead Threads and Suspicious Threads.
If you believe that a thread in Buy and Sell is "dead" by reason of being unattended by the OP, or dead by reason of completion of desired transaction, or is highly suspect for any good reason,  then please report that thread to the Moderators. There is a Moderator button within each thread. The thread will be examined, and will be locked, marked, or removed as may be necessary. This will help save our fellow Members' time.

21b. Check all Communications before Selling.
Sellers, as a courtesy to fellow Members, please check your For Sale thread, PMs, SMS, and email before agreeing to the sale. Another Member may have already agreed to your terms, and may be waiting for you to reply. It's impolite to sell around a quality buyer who has already agreed to your stated terms.

22a. No Haggling or Price Policing
Price haggling and price policing are not to be allowed within threads. Negotiation between buyer and seller must be done by other means, such as through Personal Messages, telephone calls, email, etc. Members must not disrupt dialogue between the seller and those expressing an interest in his/her equipment, such as by interjecting an opinion of what one thinks the product is worth, is not worth, or for what price the product may be bought elsewhere. In other words, we must be careful to take this kind of dialogue off line, or just not engage in it. Repeated violations can result in the offending Member's account being blocked.

22b. Minimize Peripheral Dialogue.
Buy and Sell threads shall not be cluttered with ongoing discussions, commentary, and opinions. The thread's purpose of matching a willing seller with a willing buyer must remain clear and concise. Off topic, peripheral, or superfluous posts are subject to removal without comment, so as to assure maximum effectiveness of the thread.

23a. Personal Attacks Strictly Forbidden
Posts within any PCI threads on any PCI board which are perceived by the Moderators to be threats against, or personal attacks upon, any Member of the PCI (such as name calling) will not be tolerated.  Such posts will be removed from threads without comment. Activity of this sort can result in the banning of an offending Member, and the locking his/her account.

23b. Profanity Strictly Forbidden
Posts containing what the Moderators perceive to be profanity or the willful use of offensive "shock" words or language are subject to be removed, even if the language is merely quoted. If language is such that we would not say it to our mother, then we shouldn't say it on the PCI. Activity of this sort can result in a Member's account being locked or removed.

24. Non-compliant Offer Posts Removed.
So as to minimize confusion and wasted time of the PCI Membership, Buy and Sell offer threads not adhering to these Rules and Guidelines are subject to removal without comment.

25. Moderators' Decisions Final
In the event that intervention is required by the Moderators, their decision shall be binding and final.

Disclosure for Buy and Sell Forum:

26. Please Be Careful.
Buy and sell at your own risk!

27a. Buy from Established PCI Members.
It is wise to only buy items from PCI Members with proven good reputations.  Any PCI Member possessing a PCI Trusted Member card has a verified identity, endorsed by fellow PCI Members of proven good reputation.  Even so, Members are responsible to personally verify buyer and seller references and integrity before engaging in any transaction. Keep in mind that short tenure and a large sale constitute a particularly risky proposition. See Rule 28. 

27b. Use Buy & Sell Feedback Tools.
Within the Buy and Sell Board there are two "stickies," GRINS and FROWNS. Within these threads, Members report their experiences with buyers and sellers. Please become familiar with them.

28. PCI Not Liable
The PCI is not affiliated with (nor does it endorse) any seller's offering of items for sale in the Buy and Sell boards. PCI does not warrant or otherwise guarantee the integrity, identity, or behavior of any person, even one designated as a PCI Trusted Member.  Accordingly, the PCI does not accept liability for any misrepresentations, fraud, or spam posted in this forum.
29a. Fraud Means Expulsion.
Willful misrepresentation of a product constitutes fraud. Posts that are suspected to be of a fraudulent nature will be removed without comment. Any Member who conducts a fraudulent sale/purchase will be banned from PCI without notice. Any Member who sells or attempts to sell goods found to be stolen or pirated may be subjected to censure. Other, possibly legal consequences could follow, as PCI will in no case be seen as supportive of, or collaborating with, any illegal or fraudulent activity whatsoever.  Also, "Selling for a Friend" does not insulate the WTS posting Member from responsibility. See rules 16a, 16b, 29b, and 29c.

29b. Verify Serial Numbers.
Members are encouraged to verify that equipment they are contemplating selling or buying is not contained within any credible "stolen goods" list. If requested by the buyer, the seller must confide serial number information after an agreement to purchase has been struck. If seller refuses this request, or if the equipment is found to be listed in a stolen equipment listing, then the deal is deemed to have never existed. No contract can exist for illegal activity.

29c. Concluded Agreements Binding
Once buyer and seller agree to a price and terms of delivery, a contract between them exists. If either party is deemed by the Moderators to have violated that agreement without the consent of the other, then the offending Member is subject to have his PCI account blocked or locked. Exception: If the goods are found to be pirated, or are reported to be stolen, then a contract did not exist in the first place. See Rules 29a and 29b.

30. [reserved]

31. Constructive Comments Encouraged
If you have constructive comments, please alert any Moderator via PM.

Many thanks for the time you have invested in reading this.

Respectfully submitted for the PCI Membership,
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