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Landscape Photography Tips
« on: January 10, 2014, 10:24:47 AM »
Had thought I'd lost this post on jjmpf when the server went moving it here just in case...

Please feel free to add your own tips / share more details / im still a novice so please do correct me if I've gone wrong somewhere...............


I?m not going to say equipment doesn?t matter ? it does to some extent provided you have the skills.

If money is no object get the best FF camera, the best wide angle, throw in an UWA as well. Get the most stable and lightest tripod possible, the best filters you can get (CPL, GNDs, NDs etc), unscrew and throw away your UV filter, keep your camera remote with you.

Don?t forget ? a torch with batteries which have been charged, water and some snacks / biscuits etc (no don?t leave the plastic behind after you are done with your photos)


You need to visualize the image before you trip the shutter. Everything that looks good to you in real life will not look good in a photograph if you just point the camera in the right direction and press the button?unless if you are really lucky.

During the course of your landscape photography if you happen to come across some idiots littering the place do kick them off the cliff. For this reason you need to wear good hiking boots.


Look for ?

 Background / middle / forground ? if you?ve got all 3 in the pic then it will make your photo look better than a normal 2 dimensional image?it will give it a feeling of depth .

Patterns ? look for patterns on plains, hills, trees etc

Minimilistic / negative space ? will do a write up on this later?for now use google or just forget about this point

When the auto focus is on it can be quite annoying when you are shooting the setting sun and you camera starts hunting for focus (it will keep hunting more and more as the sun disappears) just when you?ve got that timing right.

If needed you can plan in advance, use auto foucs ? lock it and then turn it off. Keep shooting the sun till it goes down without bothering about the camera hunting.

Don?t stop shooting after sunset? get magical colours after the sun disappears.


Don?t take normal boring photos ? everyone has them. Wait for that out of this world light kind of a situation.

Number of photos

If I get 1 good photo in a day ? I consider that as time well spent. I feel it?s better to have one photograph that makes you go ?wow? instead of having ten normal pics.

Lens Flare

Use a hood?or better still use the lens flare to your advantage?this is a personal choice but I like pics with some lens flare

Long exposures

Work really well but remember that trees and even your tripod can move if its windy?it usually is windy when you are on top of a mountain.


I usually google for photos from a place Im headed to ? this gives me an idea of the type of pics which are possible?even average shots from a point and shoot taken by tourists can give you some sort of an idea of what the place looks like.

Stick to the rules ? all of them?about horizon placement, rule of thirds etc etc..these are ?safe? pics which you know will work?then break them?try a few different shots.

Cropping ? don?t crop. End of the story. Try and get everything right before pressing the shutter. Crop or straighten the horizon only if it?s the only way possible way you have to save an image.


Short answer ? NO :D

Long answer - Show us you can shoot proper landscapes first and we?ll be happy to discuss HDR landscapes later 

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Re: Landscape Photography Tips
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2014, 11:57:03 AM »
Nice written article dude ! But I disagree with you wholeheartedly about what afternoons are for ! :)

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Re: Landscape Photography Tips
« Reply #2 on: February 01, 2014, 02:53:19 PM »
Re-read the article again today and have copied it to my tutorial copy. ;)
+1 your way Ayaz ji  :like:
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